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Company profile

OOO Rus Defense has been successfully stretching as a company  in the field of  firearms tuning  for more than 5 years. We have been tracking world trends and ambitiously introducing them in the Russian market.

Despite having FAB Defense as a priority brand to promote,  we successfully cooperate  with leading European and US companies as Wiley X, 3M Peltor, Maglula, Double-Alpha, DPM.

Our nomenclature includes products having no analogous ones in Russia – from firearms accessories and apparel to speed loaders, smart touch gloves and 8-layered tactical eyewear which are in full conformance with MIL standards.

We have a wide dealer network – more than 100 dealers all over Russia, 3 sales outlets, a shooting room and two web-stores.

Considerable financial recourses are invested into marketing and promotion:

- annually we take part in  major international firearms and hunting shows,

- cooperate with popular tactical magazines,

- run advertisement on major Internet platforms,

- in close cooperation we work with  TV channels,

- sponsor various shooting activities as shows and competitions,

- team up with leading firearms bloggers.

The quality of our products is proved by our partners.